Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown is a city in Eastern Pennsylvania, located in the Lehigh Valley, in Lehigh County. Once home to heavy industry, then fallen on harder times, the city has been reborn. The center of Allentown is home to one of our offices, located at 609 Hamilton Street, in the prestigious Sovereign Building (or, more specifically, in the Sovereign Executive Offices, in the Sovereign Building). Not far from the office of Brilliant & Neiman LLC, just down Hamilton Street, is the impressive PPL Center, where the Lehigh Valley Phantoms (the Philadelphia Flyers’ minor league hockey affiliate) play and big name bands perform.

Situated along the Lehigh River, and boasting significant railroad access, Allentown (along with neighboring Easton and Bethlehem), had a large presence in the iron industry. And it was not just iron, as Allentown featured many different manufacturing facilities. But, as time went on, and needs and manufacturing changed, Allentown changed as well.

After undergoing a downturn (represented in the Billy Joel song, “Allentown”), the City of Allentown has blossomed in recent years. While the PPL Center is certainly one of the jewels of present-day Center City Allentown, it is not alone. The area now features extensive retail and professional space, along with an “Art Walk.” The City is proud of the “melting pot” aspect to its population, giving the area a wonderful diversity.

Injured workers in Allentown have access to excellent medical treatment at Lehigh Valley Hospital, St. Lukes Hospital and Sacred Heart Hospital. Specialists, including orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and pain management physicians, are all available throughout the Allentown region. The area also has many physical and occupational therapy, diagnostic testing, and medical supply choices.

Workers’ compensation hearings for Allentown residents, and for most residents of Lehigh County, are held at the Allentown Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office, at 7248 Tilghman Street. Though the Workers’ Compensation Judges do change locations fairly often, the Judges presently hearing cases in Allentown include Judge Daniel Snyder, Judge Cathleen Sabatino and Judge Thomas Kuzma (who actually hears cases in Reading (Berks County) as well as Allentown). Cases in nearby Bethlehem and Easton, being in Northampton County, are heard at the Northampton County Courthouse, in Easton.

Over the years, we have represented many folks from Allentown, and the entire Lehigh Valley. Indeed, we have an office in the center of Allentown to better serve our clients in that area. We have represented workers in many different professions over the years, including nurses, technicians, construction workers, clerical workers, and retail staff. Since all that our firm does is handle Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases, injured workers can be confident that we will handle a case with experience. That is all our attorneys do, every day of the week. Both of our attorneys are Certified as Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law, so your case will only be handled by an attorney well-versed in the law. Call us today at (610) 740-1002, or send us an e-mail at or to schedule a free, no-obligation, appointment at our Allentown office (or either of our other locations in Warminster or Trevose).