Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The birthplace of the Constitution, and the United States, Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Stretching from the Schuylkill River to the Delaware River, the region has a diverse population, and culture, which we strive to serve. It is the City of Brotherly Love, famed as much for “Rocky” and for our beloved Eagles, as for the mighty cheesesteak. From Olde City to Fishtown, from South Philadelphia to Chinatown, from West Philadelphia to Mayfair, and Roxborough to Northeast Philadelphia, over 1,500,000 people call the city home.

Many large companies are based in Philadelphia, such as Aramark, Comcast, Cigna, InterDigital, Lincoln National and Sunoco. We represent injured workers in many walks of life, from a construction worker with an injured back, to a secretary with carpal tunnel syndrome; from a nurse, to a salesman, to an executive, to a machine operator. Work injuries do not discriminate by gender, race, age or job. Throughout our years of experience, we have represented employees with probably every type of job you could imagine.

In addition to living, and/or working, in Philadelphia, many come to the city for its widely-respected teaching hospitals, like Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Temple University Hospital. Workers who are injured in the Philadelphia area do have the luxury of also having access to well-known specialists, like the Philadelphia Hand Center, Rothman Institute and Aria 3B Orthopaedic Institute (formerly known as Booth Bartolozzi Balderston Orthopaedics).

In a city as well-rounded as Philadelphia, not only are there a multitude of employers, and of medical treatment options, there is also no shortage of attorneys who handle PA workers’ compensation cases. Unlike general practice firms, though, we devote our entire practice to just representing injured workers in workers’ comp cases. We believe that handling these cases, day in and day out, 365 days a year, allows us the exposure to the judges, the system, the law and the experts, to give us the best chance of success.

If you had a heart attack, and needed surgery on your heart, you would never go see an orthopedic doctor. You would go see a doctor who handles cases involving the heart every day. We believe your legal health is no less important than your medical health, and deserves the same level of expertise. It is for this reason that we do not handle any other type of case. We do have relationships with excellent attorneys throughout the region who trust us to handle their workers’ compensation cases, so we can certainly steer you to the right attorney to handle your personal injury, family law, Social Security Disability or any other legal matter you may have.

Workers’ compensation cases for residents of Philadelphia are now all heard at the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office, located at 110 North 8th Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2413, in Center City Philadelphia. Until recently, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation also had a hearing office on Grant Avenue, in Northeast Philadelphia, for residents of that area. Unfortunately, recent budget cuts forced this office to close. Due to the recent rash of relocations (including those Workers’ Compensation Judges (WCJs) who had been sitting in the Northeast Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office) and retirements of WCJs, we are not certain, but we believe there will be approximately 15 WCJs sitting in Philadelphia.