Workers’ Compensation

When you suffer a work injury, the last things you and your family should have to deal with are the complexities of workers’ compensation law. There are notice requirements, time limitations, and other traps for the unwary. Litigation is an extremely complicated process, which is why all of the workers' compensation insurance carriers have access to attorneys. We believe the injured worker should have the same protection as the insurance companies.

Whether yours is a back injury, concussion, hernia, electrocution, or some other type of temporary disability, it deserves the treatment and compensation you and your family need during the time you are away from the job.

Not every law firm is equipped to provide the legal representation required to secure adequate compensation. We at the law firm of Brilliant & Neiman LLC provide the focused, personalized legal representation you need to obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Our workers’ compensation attorneys Glenn C. Neiman and Dina Brilliant have a combined work experience of over 40 years in the successful litigation of work injury cases for the greater Philadelphia area, including all of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Both of our attorneys, Dina Brilliant and Glenn Neiman, are among the first attorneys in PA to be Certified as Specialists in the Practice of Workers’ Compensation Law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Our law firm practices exclusively in workers’ compensation law. On our website you will find information on various aspects of the PA Workers' compensation system. The following pages focus on these particular aspects of the law:

Our motto, “Protecting injured workers is all we do,” starts with informing the client. We believe that a case is litigated best as a team, working closely with our clients to achieve the best result. One of the primary duties we have, as attorneys, is to thoroughly explain the law to our clients, and how the law impacts their case. It is only in this way that our clients can make informed decisions as to how to get the best medical treatment available, obtain wage loss benefits and eventually settle their workers’ compensation case, if appropriate. Every workers' compensation case is truly unique, and what is best for one client, may not be best for all. The only way we can be certain we are meeting the needs of our client is to work closely with them, and assist them in making informed decisions.

By reading these pages you’ll begin to understand the complexities surrounding workers’ compensation law. This will help explain why we believe it is so important that we limit our practice to just representing injured workers in Pennsylvania workers' compensation cases. We believe our complete immersion in this area of the law helps us effectively represent our clients. By handling these cases every day, we believe our exposure to the workers' compensation system is greater than that of attorneys who split their time by handling all types of legal matters. Every case at Brilliant & Neiman LLC is equally important to us. No case is too small. Helping injured workers is what we do.

If you have any questions regarding your work injury, whether it is a fall at work, a construction accident, an injury from repetitive duties, or similar work injury, please contact the workers’ compensation rights attorneys of Brilliant & Neiman LLC at either of the two numbers provided below, or by the provided e-mail addresses, to schedule a free initial consultation. Remember that there is no fee unless we get results for you. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by making the call, and everything to gain.